Filling / Spreading Fats


Product Feature Application
Sujicream Non-lauric based Spread and soft filling products
BST Non-lauric based Soft spread and soft filling products
Very stable over wide range temperature
Melarin Lauric based Filling products, Candies & Toffees
Univer Non-lauric based Filling products, Candies & Toffees
Palmel Smooth mouth feeling Filling products
Parkid Low TFA and SAFA Filling products

*Specifications can be provided upon request

Packaging unit

  • Sealed bunghole 190kg drum
  • 20kg Bag-In-Box (BIB)
  • 20mt Flexi-bag
  • Open top 190kg drum
  • 15kg / 16.5kgtin can
  • 25kg / 20kg carton box
  • 20mt ISO tank container